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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we take a look at a few comments left during the previous seven days by GL readers. Here are a couple from the last week for this President’s Day:

Bklink: Terrorist Photographers. “It’s fun to imagine witty replies to such coercive tactics, such as “Is this a police state” “Are you a fascist?” “Aren’t you supposed to be protecting my rights?” but there’s no point as cops do not engage in any kind of repertoire. In fact, most cops do not think and I don’t mean that as an insult. They’re paid to do as they’re told. They are told to man a wasteful and expensive toy bought by the city, that’s what they do. The current policy by the commissioner is to intimidate and harass peaceful protestors and photographers – and that’s what they do. If tomorrow they got orders telling them to stand in front of the skywatch and smile for pictures… then that’s what they would do. So the next time you’re engaged by someone like that, just have a laugh because “are you a terrorist?” is the equivalent of “do you want fries with that?” for NYPD. [Jamie]

Carroll Gardens 340 Court St. Building Gets Death Fence. “Stunning. I can’t wait for it to be covered with posters like the corner of Smith and Douglass has been for the past 2 years. Please let there be some useful retail as part of the plan and not another drug store.” [Ginger the Dog’s Dad]

The Starting Bell: Toll Brothers Reveal Gowanus Plans. “This is what my Psychic on 5th Ave. tells me: “Let’s see. 2011… that’s um… two years after the economic crash that will bankrupt new york city (once more)… which means they’ll be building the shells of buildings for the junkies and drug dealers who troll Bond Street at night. Public Housing, at long last!” Not my two cents – my five dollar psychic’s!” [Anonymous]

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