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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

February 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we like to highlight a few comments left by GL readers during the previous seven days. Here’s this week’s somewhat random selection:

No Spike in Park Slope Muggings (and a Map). “These statistics really aren’t helpful, because many, many, people who have been mugged have concluded that reporting the crime is more trouble than it’s worth. (I don’t agree, by the way, but I’ve heard this often enough to not trust the NYPD’s numbers).” [Anonymous]

Coney Island #3: Grimshaw to Design “Coney Island Center”. “This man is an awful architect. Especially his newsstands, how can people accept this trash? It’s like our Mayor is pushing a “new” new york on all of us! Stop it! Protest! Fight Back! Resist corporate takeover and the destruction of our communities!” [Anonymous]

Bklink: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! “Before it was Schnack, it was a small grocery store run by a nice couple. Manny worked at fish markets when he was younger and every morning he drove to Fulton and picked the freshest best local fish that was available and arranged it lovingly in a small ice counter just inside the door. He’d sell it at a fair price to folks in the nabe, cleaned and filleted for free. I’d rather have Manny back than 100 Schnack type sh** shacks.” [Anonymous]

MTA Harasses Photographer at Atlantic Yards. “Yes, photographs are allowed of just about anything from a public sidewalk. Many property and store owners don’t know this (even some police don’t know this) and will give you trouble. It’s a good idea to be as polite as possible, but emphasize your rights and carry a copy of the Photographer’s Rights (a free downloadable PDF) and the phone number of the local precinct. Kindly offer to call the police if anyone hassles you. And she was right, they never, ever, ever have the right to confiscate your camera or film. You can successfully sue anyone who does so, including the police.” [Dalton]

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