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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

January 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we highlight a few comments left by GL readers during the previous sevent days. Here are this week’s selections (with a thank you to the GL reader that suggested a tweak to our logo):

Weeks Later, 340 Court Posts an Asbestos Sign. “So far Clarett is off to a shoddy job. The community really wants to work with them to make this development fit the site and community…Developers can work with the community toward a good result. That is what the Carroll Gardens community wants.” [Anonymous]

PM Update: Days of Some Carroll Gardens “Wide Streets” May End. “the width of the street will effect the bulk of the building if the developer ops to use the quality housing program. If he uses height factor zoning, the building height will remain governed by the sky exposure plane, (the neighborhood is zoned R6). to help the neighborhood, it sould be eather be rezoned R6B or made into a special LH (limited height) district like Brooklyn Heights.” [Anonymous]

Mommies & Toddlers Eighty Sixed from Slope’s Union Hall? “OK, so Park Slope is overrun by mommies and babies and dogs and strollers and general upper middle class white horribleness… no surprise there. So why do all these complainers move there? It’s PARK SLOPE, what do you expect?!” [Anonymous]

Dispatches from the Frigid Mass Eviction at 475 Kent in South Williamsburg. “anybody wholesale labelling the residents of 475 as ‘hipsters’ clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about. people in this building lived there when NO ONE wanted to live in williamsburg. they came over for affordable space. they took risks, but so did the people who moved into commercial spaces that predated the loft law. when i heard that 475 was targeted, my first thought was, ‘they’re going after them all now’. 475 was the granddaddy of these buildings in williamsburg. these were not spoiled rich brats living in here, even now. that said i could give FDNY a list of buildings they should have gone after before this one. i agree on the retaliation point, but there had to be some basis in fact or they wouldn’t have charged in on one of the coldest nights of the year.” [Anonymous]

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