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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

January 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Once a week, we like to feature a few comments left during the previous seven days by GL readers. Here are a few of them:

GL Reader Question: Why So Many Cash Only Restaurants?:
“It used to be more of a thing in Manhattan than it is now. I think in Manhattan they realized they had no choice, but there are still holdouts. I am only truly annoyed by it if the restaurant does not clearly indicate that the establishment is cash only, and/or if the server and other staff cannot immediately tell me where the closest ATM is. It is a detriment to the restaurant and they understand this but they also clearly need positive cash flow at all times. That outweighs any desire they have to get that extra $20 out of you. What irks me these days is ‘no credit cards for delivery’. I’m tired, I’m hungry, I worked until 8:30. I should have gotten money on the way home but I thought there was still X in the fridge. I call and suddenly it’s ‘no credit cards for delivery’? Talk about losing business. [Jukebox Graduate]

“It’s tax evasion. No credit card receipts, no record of how much they actually did in sales that night. Sure they don’t have to pay fees, but they also can evade getting caught paying taxes. It’s the restaurant industry, folks!” [Anonymous]

The Ugliest Karl Fischer: Now on Full View. “Just think of “inner” williamsburg as Rego Park for middle class hipsters. Sorry you can’t afford the really nice stuff.” [Anonymous]

Smith Street’s No. 1 Laundry is Victim of Massive Rent Increase. “What and who will pay the rent? A gullible restaauranteur with lots of capital. Its a corner spot on Smith. Some fool will put a French bisto up in no time. Or the 11th Thai restaurant.” [Anonymous]

Meet the Nightmare on Pacific Street. “This reminds me of the horrific buildings on the outskirts of Sarajevo.” [Anonymous]

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