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Translating the Miss Brooklyn Naming Story from Japanese

September 29th, 2007 · No Comments

So, how would Frank Gehry’s story about naming Miss Brooklyn–his Atlantic Yards tower–read if it were translated from its Japanese version back into English by an auto-translation program? No Land Grab did and the results are funny. A sample:

All these motley colors, all these sincere Victoria type construction, took his starry night recollected a monochromatic background will be very wonderful. [Gehry] rides in a carriage along the urban district seeks the inspiration, and not only pays attention to a block or a resident organizes, moreover pays attention to a bride, in a movie slow motion. In the lid, this building domain movie direct, had found the lead which he imagines. He calls her to be called “Miss Brew Kelin” (Miss Brooklyn), and uses in an architectural complex central construction wave shape this name to do by the white glass the wall surface the tall building. In the Brew Kelin, the picture in Los Angeles, in the lid is designing a medium city.

“In the lid,” for some reason, is how Mr. Gehry translates from Japanese back into English. Click over for a full read about In the Lid, Mr. Ratner and Miss Brew Kelin.

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