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Say What: Gold Medal Award Winner

September 28th, 2007 · No Comments

Say What--Stop-Stop Ahead

Let’s just say this wasn’t like this a couple of weeks ago. The photo was emailed to us by Williamsburg blogger INSIJS and is of the corner of Wythe Avenue and N. 6th Street where the old National Sawdust building is being demolished. He emails:

That’s a “stop ahead” sign almost entirely engulfed in the shed, warning drivers about the equally-obscured stop sign at the corner. Ironically, that’s a notorious intersection for both stop-sign blowers, and NYPD stings of said blowers. PD sits at that corner often in the morning, pulling over drivers who coast through the crossing….lets hope there’s not a heinous accident because of this.

Excellent, excellent work. Anyone up for a Music Hall of Williamsburg Pedestrian Fatality Betting Pool?

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