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Roebling Oil Building Watch

August 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Roebling Oil Building Watch Aug

From time to time, we’re going to be checking in on our old, close friend, the Roebling Oil Building (formerly known as the Roebling Oil Field). Construction progress has been swift. There are buildings in Williamsburg that stay in the excavation and foundation stage for a year or more. Not our friend, however. This is one of the speediest construction jobs in all of North Brooklyn, having gone from oil oozing out of the ground to foundation to building in the span of a mere nine months. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s what the site (which has been cleaned to state standards) looked like as recently as mid-February. It’s still unclear who the Roebling oil originated with, but the building’s by Karl Fischer.

Roebling Oil in Winter

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  • 1 Anonymous // Aug 11, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    yeah the owner/develper is trying to get that building up AND THE CONDOs SOLD before all the new enviromental
    reserach gets started as part of the Cuomo/NY State suit regarding the huge Greenpoint Oil Spill….the state suit will finally initiate the kind of enviromental testing that should have been done long ago…It will also open up the issues of all the other toxic areas in Williamsburg as that area was home to many large oil cos as well. Roebling Oil field on which this building is being built is NOT the only one….The creek system under Williamsburg has over decades moved spilled oil and toxics about…I would not drink the tap water in Williamsburg. Further notice the HUGE drill that is being moved all around diff sections/corners of the EDGE property down at river and N.6th??? The developers are gonna be made by the state to start taking their testing seriously….otherwise the State and City are waking up to their own huge negilgence in allowing all that has gone on Williamsburg….so many condo dev of smaller buildings were owners cut corners and did no testing despite the hsitory of the parcels and neigborhood…payoff guess they work.