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Domino #1: Domino Plant as as Art Museum?

July 31st, 2007 · No Comments

The email we got along with the link to the YouTube vid above, which is really more of a Powerpoint presentation than a video, said “why can’t we have affordable housing and something that gives back to the community, city, etc? it could even be private financing if need be.” Yesterday, Lost City described the group advocating for this as “a group of prominent Billyburg arts leaders are trying to stir up support for a plan which would transform the Domino Plant into a world-class art center, a la The Tate Modern in London.” He has an extended explanation of why the plan would make sense. And, the idea even makes the jump to a story in today’s Sun. Anyone interested in New Domino alternatives should also check out the Waterfront Preservation Alliance‘s extensive postings on further historic preservation on the property. Right now, the Adant House, which is probably the most attractive historic structure on the property is not up for landmarking and would be demolished. Its loss would be an architectural tragedy for future generations of Brooklyn residents. One doesn’t have to have an architecture degree to see how the Adant Building could be renovated and repurposed–say as space for the arts.

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