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Williamsburg Marketing Fun Update: The Radical Chic Ad

May 30th, 2007 · 4 Comments

We haven’t seen these ads for 20 Bayard, which is one of the Karl Fischer Row buildings on Bayard Street along McCarren Park. The blog Copyranter has, though, and in addition to posting the photo seen above, has this to say:

Stupidly Idiotic. Idiotically Stupid. I have given NYC real estate ads a rest lately, because all NYC real estate ads are fucking moronic. But when Twenty Bayard, “Williamburg’s premier parkfront condominiums,” sticks the above sort-of Warhol knockoff in front of my face on the A train, I gotta dig out my camera. Who are those people? Did you do a photoshoot? Are they friends of yours? Models? Do they all live in Williamsburg? Who cares, right? With four succinct words, you’ve perfectly captured the essence of New York City’s hipster enclave. And what an attractive building you’ve designed! Neighbors are thrilled, I’m sure.

A. Freaking. Mazing.

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  • 1 Anonymous // May 30, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    did you see the current issue of Time Out mag this week? The mag had a whole layout/article on how Greenpoint is the next “hot” neighborhood? (paid for advertising by developer to pitch RE condos to ignorant)

    First the only reason whitey hipsters and students moved there was cheap rents just a few years back. They got a shitty train service, the G line, or walk 10-15 blocks to L stop and have trains to packed to get on ..and what of the neighborhood TOXIC Hazards and health issues, a place where the locals desperately want to sell out and leave…Did Time OUT address any of the risks or the inconvience? Greenspoint itself (not the greater zip) has very high cancer rates, rare illnesses b/c they are associated with a cauldron of toxics that residents are exposed, oh and did they mention the Exxon oil spill in the creek and under Greenpoint land/homes, of 17 mil gallons+, nope they forgot?
    Greenpont and Williamsburg until very recently were solidly populated by low inocme people who often did not have health insurance, so their health care was less trackable and hence the actial numbers are probably much higher as many sick/dead were not caprured in the system..or as family sold and moved away are sick somewhere else and ths also not in the “studied populations” that truthly have had little deep analysis done on the sources of their illnesses. The EPS has ignored this area, as has DEP etc…the State and City want the money from the condo taxes and the developers want to hawk new Luxury condos to gullible yuppies who grew up in te burbs and have no idea the type of health situation they are putting themselves in…Its not just dicey RE condo prices that might burn you in Greenpoint/williamburg…its could equally be the benzene…..Don’t believe the spin, neither NYC or NY state give a crap about you and your family’s health, so do your homework

  • 2 Greenpoint Archive // May 31, 2007 at 6:55 am

    Greenpoint has lower cancer rates than Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights and many other Bklyn neighborhoods. It also has some of the lowest cancer rates in all of nyc/nys. These stats can easily be seen at


    The above post is a perfect illustration of the smear campaign unleashed on Greenpoint ever since we had our waterfront rezoned for residential development against the wishes of the Brooklyn based politicians. The Borough President voted against the rezoning, but the community made an appeal to the Mayor and won.

    None of these attacks were directed at Williamsburg when development projects started their, even though the toxic issues and high cancer rates that exist in Community board 1 exist in the Williamsburg section and not Greenpoint.

    Williamsburg environmental issues have been ignored by the media. Stories have tried to divert attention away from Williamsburg toxic issues by lying about Greenpoint. The Roebling oil spill (aka Williamsburg oil spill) never even makes it in the press. It should be noted that the Greenpoint residential community was built on clean farmland in the 1800’s. Even the waterfront industry in Greenpoint was clean. The major factory was a producer of rope. Not so with Williamsburg. The Eastern District terminal site along the Williamsburg waterfront is a designated toxic brownfield that was home to numerous polluting industries including the Astral oil site. These toxic brownfields are where the new residential properties are being built.

    Lets do a Greenpoint vs Williamsburg toxic score card.

    Liquid Natural Gas storage facilities in Williamsburg: Yes, in East Williamsburg

    Liquid Natural Gas storage facilities in Greenpoint: none

    Radioactive storage facilities in Williamsburg: Radiac on Kent Ave

    Radioactive storage facilities in Greenpoint: none

    Williamsburg oil spill size: Unknown (it might be even bigger than the Exxon Valdez) The Astral oil company operated on the Williamsburg waterfront for decades and may have spilled over 100 million gallons of oil into the ground under Williamsburg contaminating ground water and creating toxic vapors. Many of Williamsburg’s cancer victims may have died because of this oil contamination. Williamsburg’s high cancer rates may now be better understood. How many new residents know about the potential deadly health risks that this oil poses?

    Greenpoint oil spill size: defined and now half its original size.

    Williamsburg oil spill location: Under newly developed luxury condos and possibly under the majority of the developing community. The full devastating results can only be determined by a lengthy study.

    Greenpoint oil spill location: Under the remote industrial property next to the East Williamsburg industrial park.

    Greenpoint condos being built on former toxic brownfields: none

    Williamsburg condos being built on toxic brownfields: Many (including the Eastern District Site, and now the Williamsburg Oil field site)

    Blogs revealing the toxic hazards in Williamsburg: Hard to find

    Blogs dedicated to spreading lies about toxic hazards in Greenpoint: You can hardly swing a stick without hitting one.

    All of Greenpoint less desirable industries of the past were located in the eastern industrial section along the Newtown creek. Greenpoint’s East river waterfront had been home to lumberyards, rope factories for a century and then was abandoned for nearly half a century. None of Greenpoint’s East River waterfront has the toxic history that Williamsburg’s Eastern district terminal has. The smear campaign unleashed on Greenpoint, just when we it was rezoned curiously excluded Williamsburg’s toxic issues. The media still isn’t covering the issues, just day after day coverage of hipsterville. Do a williamsburg search in the NY times. It’s pretty revealing.

    Luis Garden Acosta, Founder/President & CEO of El Puente, a highly respected community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action has called Williamsburg “the most toxic place to live in America” in a documentary created by Williamsburg based VBS organization. Other rare cancer clusters in Willamsburg have been reported.

  • 3 Anonymous // May 31, 2007 at 7:09 am

    The G line is no different than any other train line. Straphangers data shows speedy service on the G line. It is a 12 minute commute from Greenpoint to Midtown Manhattan. Greenpoint is also one stop from the L train, so even getting to downtown is only seven minutes longer than from Billtburg. It’s funny how when people come to Greenpoint for the first time, they almost always comment about how they don’t understand why people say that it takes a long time to get here. The people saying it obviously have ulterior motives. Come on by and take the Greenpoint truth challenge.

  • 4 Anonymous // Dec 28, 2007 at 11:30 am

    “It is a 12 minute commute from Greenpoint to Midtown Manhattan. “
    What magical G train are you riding? The one I know does not go to Manhattan,and last I checked the L does not go to Midtown, either. No wonder you love Greenpoint: your magic unicorn means of public transit make commuting easy.For the rest of us, it sucks.
    As for the G train being better or worse than other trains:
    it is half the size of a normal train, causing overcrowding and mad dashes to get on. Why it is only 4 cars long I do not know- the official reason has to do with shortened platforms or something, a reason made into a lie by the F trains that every now and then run on the G route, all eight cars fitting in and making turns without a problem.