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Smith Street Revolt Brewing Over Shiny New Building?

May 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment


That building that could rise at Smith Street and Second Place in Carroll Gardens has, um, struck quite a chord in the neighborhood. First, we got an email from our original tipster noting common ownership of the lot at 360 Smith Street where the eight-story Heavy Metal Building designed by architect Robert Scarano would go and of the neighboring school. It also noted that apparently the building has been changed from shiny silver to more of a red brick design. Another email arrived to note that the MTA, above whose stop the building would rise, has apparently signed off on the project.

Then, someone emailed us to note that a large number of flyers had been taped up around the entrance to the Carroll Street subway stop. We stopped by to check on them yesterday evening and found two flyers–one of them reproducing our post from the other day and another calling for neighborhood action to change the plans for the building. Our emailer wrote:

Tonite I saw flyers all over the subway entrance at smith st and carroll street (entrance where the newstand is)…..there is sure to be opposition to this project as it is massive and ugly!…PS the flyer is pretty hilarious 🙂 and is signed by “Athena Lloyd Wright” (the great grand daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first cousin by marriage). Below I quote the flyer:

Yes we all know it’s coming (“progress” in our Beloved Brownstone Brooklyn neighborhoods). But does it have to be massive, over-scaled and disrespectful to our existing scale and style of architecture and to the quality of our environment and way of life??? Hmmmmm

(This is a no-brainer here)…There is a better way! Let’s all work together to find it!

Please Please Please get involved ASAP! Time is of the essence!! There are many options not only one, e.g.:

1) Attend the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association Meeting June 11 at 7:30 PM at Buddy Scottos’ Funeral Parlor to discuss the 360 Smith Street Building Project.

2) Contact CB 6. Vanessa Twyford is our new CB 6 member. Congratulations Vanessa! (Twyford Realty Court Street). The other massive development project on the table this week: Smith Street between Fifth and Ninth Streets……

3) Blog away! Where? At Gowanus Lounge.com; Curbed.com; Brownstoner.com and several others. Let your views be known

4) Write to the local and daily newpapers

5) Contact your local politicians

6) Drop two thousand flyers by airplane

7) Make the “Manhattanization of Brooklyn into a hit reality TV show

8) Cry (you only get ten minutes, sorry)

9) Invent your own action!

Sincerely yours,
Athena Lloyd Wright
The great grand daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first cousin by marriage

The flyer is pictured below. We don’t think we’ve heard the last of this by a longshot.


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  • 1 gary // May 30, 2007 at 7:06 am

    Ha! I was on my way to the dentist this morning at 7:15 and saw this display on Smith. Love it!

    Can your tipster get ahold of any renderings for the newer design?

    I’ll be out of town for the CB6 meeting but will definitely be there for the CGNA meeting on 6/11.