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New Brooklyn Blog: Walksbklyn

April 30th, 2007 · No Comments

[Photo courtesy of Walksbklyn]

A GL reader who got in touch some time ago as he was moving to Gowanus, emailed to let us know that he’s started a new blog. It’s called Walkbklyn and the blogger respectfuly acknowledges that the name “was delicately lifted and then modified from Runs Brooklyn…I just don’t have the stamina to actually run Brooklyn.” In any case, Walksbklyn features the bloggers walks around the neighborhood with his dog, which gets at three of our very favorite things: information about Gowanus and environs, cool neighborhood photos and cute dog pics. How can you possibly go wrong? There have been 37 posts so far in April, so blogger and dog (Chester) have already covered some territory. We are told, however, that Chester is in Boston for a couple of weeks and his “parents” are traveling a bit, so enjoy the April posts and look for more upon everyone’s return to Gowanus.

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