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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

April 21st, 2007 · No Comments

“On the Sofa” is a new, regular feature wherein we highlight some of the more interesting comments–positive, negative or neither–that GL has gotten:

Red Hook “Until Recently Wasn’t a Neighborhood”? Really? “It’s simply missing a comma. Should be: ‘Until recently, Red Hook wasn’t a neighborhood, much less dining, destination.’…’Red Hook wasn’t a neighborhood destination.’ AND ‘Red Hook wasn’t a dining destination.’ Hold off on the over-sensitive rants about gentrification until you use a little common sense. [Anonymous]

Hip Wader Time: Gowanus Floods During Nor’easter “I’ve lived in the area for nearly 50 years…it is NOT as habitable as people want to think. I don’t think it will be…not for a very, very long time. No one is saying ‘Keep Gowanus sleazy so people won’t want to live here!’ but some places unfortunately are just not meant to become the next VENICE CANAL…. [Anonymous]

Watch VBS TV’s “Toxic Brooklyn,” Episode 6. “Although the community is unanimous in its determination to have the spill completely cleaned up and to reclaim the Newtown creek, some question whether the resurfacing of this nearly 30 year old oil spill story is being used to attack the community after it won its rezoning battle against the wishes of Brooklyn based politicians (and divert attention away from cancer cluster issue in Williamsburg). The media reports have not included the fact that: 1) More than half of the 17 million gallon spill has already been cleaned up. 2) The remediation process has been going on, with the blessing of local elected officials, since 1992 and continues. 3) The spill is almost entirely under the remote western industrial section of Greenpoint near the East Williamsburg industrial park. There are a few residential streets near Kingsland Avenue that are above the spill, but the vast majority of residential properties are not involved with the spill…6) Articles keep talking about what the long term health effects of the spill will be, but ignore the fact that the spill had been around for fifty years already and health data shows no abnormal spike in health related issues.” [Anonymous]

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