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Revere Falling Fast, Getting Craned

January 29th, 2007 · No Comments

Revere 01-27-Broken Dome

The Revere Sugar Plant in Red Hook is on its last legs. Demolition workers tearing the iconic structure down on behalf of developer Joe Sitt and his firm Thor Equities were back hacking away at the metal structure this week and also made more headway demolishing brick structures on the site. In addition, a huge crane on a barge has been floated up the site. When we were there, one of the masts from a sunken light ship that had long poked out of the water, had been lifted out. We’re told that on Sunday, the entire light ship was lifted from the water and that a big hole was visible in the raised ship. Presumably, it’s all in preparation for tearing down a conveyor structure jutting into the water, which raises interesting questions as to why clearing debris from the water is a priority during the demolition of the factory.

Revere 01-27 Crane

Revere 01-27-Centered

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