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Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Hate Your Hat, But Dig You

December 31st, 2006 · No Comments

It’s Sunday and New Year’s Eve, which means our last Brooklyn Missed Connection of 2006. So many more ships to pass in the Brooklyn night in 2007, though. For the last Missed Connection of 2006, we turn again to the G Train.

G-train, 530 last night, the tall pretty textile designer, reading mag – m4w – 30

I noticed you on the platform because you were tall….and cute. When the G finally arrived I got on with you and sat next to you, not really on purpose but more just becuase the seat was open and I had the opportunity. Next, was attempt to make some conversation…which I did. It was the weakest conversation, and you probably noticed a slight dampness to my brow and upper lip. “Where is that house?”, I said retardedly as you turned the page past the English castle. Surprisingly, you didnt quickly move away, but politley responded. And chatted a little before you got off at Bedford.
I kept trying to see if you were wearing a ring, but couldnt tell with the magazine in the way. But you were tall, like about 6’+ with those cute boots on. Blondish brown hair, a very noble nose and face, jeans, greyish leather jacket, and bouret sort of hat that I didnt really like. Seriously, frame that striking face with something else….go see eugenia kim. it can be our first date.

Youll never see this because youre too busy deigning textiles for furniture and interior things, and youre probably married or with b/f anyway. But I recently had a friend post on here and they ended up meeting and really getting along well, so just maybe….tell me something i said to you, or was wearing, and your first drink will be on me.

Just one free drink? Dude.

Honorable Mention:
to the girl in williamsburg whose hair I untangled from the tree

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