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Gowanus Lounge 2007 Brooklyn Coming Attractions

December 29th, 2006 · No Comments

What good is a look back without a look to the future. So, here are a few things to keep your eyes on in 2007:

Top 2007 Brooklyn Development Battles:
1) Coney Island. Will Mr. Sitt get his way? Or will the community have a say? Stay tuned.
2) Red Hook Piers. A battle royale for the future of the land around the Atlantic Basin.
3) Revere Sugar Site. Thor was hoping for a quiet project; we think otherwise.
4) Admiral’s Row. Things could get ugly if plans to demolish these buildings go forward.
5) Greenpoint Waterfront Projects. Empty land awaits highrises and community input.
6) Domino Sugar Plant Site. Demolition or preservation? Could heat up in ’07.
7) Atlantic Yards. It ain’t over until the judges say so.
8) Gowanus. Zoning changes needed for luxury developments to go forward, and Gowanus overall. It could be a nasty fight.

Most Threatened Brooklyn Landmarks:
1) Admiral’s Row. Demolition plan announced so supermarket can be built.
2) Domino Sugar Plant. Landmark push under way, but will it succeed?
3) Broken Angel. City still threatening a tear down, and now up for sale.
4) Remaining Greenpoint Terminal Market Buildings. Will they be landmarked or demolished?
5) Red Hook Graving Dock. Ikea ready to fill it. Will a lawsuit save it?
6) Wonder Wheel. Protected in theory, but a sneak attack by Thor Equities is not out of the question.

Could Make GL’s 2007 Top Bottom List:
1) Douglaston Development. Next to Battery Park-ify the Williamsburg Waterfront.
2) Rafael Viñoly. Three words–Domino Sugar site. Let’s hope he’s got more up his sleeve than tall buildings.
3) Karl Fischer. The impact of all his buildings remains to be seen.

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