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Things Get Nasty in the South Slope

November 29th, 2006 · No Comments


You could spend the better part of this lifetime documenting the wonders of life in Brooklyn’s construction boom. For now, how about a website that shows how ugly and comsuming and nasty life can get when something starts going on next door? The site, called 229v231 documents a slugfest between owners of 229 16th Street in the South Slope and the developers and contractors at 231 16th Street. (That’s 229 on the left and 231 on the right.) Here’s some of the introductory flavor:

Hello, allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Chris and my wife’s name is Mimi. We are the owners of 229 16th Street and your neighbors in Park Slope. We have decided to create this website to document the experience we had with the construction of a condo next door. We are just presenting the facts and ask you to examine everything we present here with an clear open mind. We invite you to draw your own conclusions. All we attempt to do on this website is present our side of the story. We are in the process of digitalizing all of the documentation we have complied over the last two years. Please check back often to see newly added content….

When we originally heard the house next door 231 16th Street had been sold we were very happy. The old house had been empty and was occupied by squatters. The property was in disarray and a general eye sore. One morning at 5:45 AM our sound sleep was shattered by a bulldozer tearing down the old house next door. Little did we know how our lives were about to change. The next day we had a huge gash ripped into the side of our house. This set off a sequence of events that led to this website.

The site also has the nasty, nasty content of emails the owners say they’ve gotten from someone like, “you are such a mother fucker full you could make 200 web site 90% is all ready SOLD OUT FUCKER!!” (Excuse the language, but it’s not ours. Also, we deleted some of the exclamation points after FU*KER because it makes the layout look bad.)

Another good source for insight on the ugly side of development in Park Slope is available at IMBY, where we first came across this blog. IMBY has been lovingly chronicling the cracking of 1504 8th Avenue by the construction that surrounds it.

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