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Broken Angel Update: Help Still Needed

November 29th, 2006 · No Comments

Christopher Wood, the son of the creator of the Broken Angel landmark in Clinton Hill has sent out another update on its status. (If you recall, after a fire, the city issued a ton of building code violations, the owner was evicted and demolition was threatened.) The threat hasn’t gone away and the family is trying to raise money to prevent the destruction of a very unique Brooklyn structure. Here is the latest email, which is certain to get wide exposure in the blogosphere today:

The Wood family is very thankful for the support we have received in our attempt to rescue Broken Angel. However the building is far from saved and time is running out. Broken Angel is a legally built architectural sculpture, which my father would love to transform into a home for the arts. Broken Angel is viewed by thousands of people who come to see it every year. If this quirky and original structure disappears, Quincy and Downing streets will again become a forgotten corner of Brooklyn. My name is Christopher Wood; I am the son of the creators of Broken Angel. I have lived my entire life in Brooklyn. I have grown up and continue to be enmeshed in a world of art. I am a stone carver and photographer. I have restored many of New York’s cherished landmarks including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cloisters, Grace Church, the Tweed Court house, and currently the main branch of the New York City Public Library. I call on Brooklyn to support and help us restore Broken Angel. Please email or write your local politicians to show your support and help us block the demolition of Broken Angel. If you are a legal professional, we desperately need help fighting the Department of Buildings in court. Additionally those who are willing and able can purchase paintings by my father or my photographs of Broken Angel at Artez’n at 444 Atlantic Ave. Works of art for sale can also be obtained online. I guarantee that a work of art bought this holiday season will retain its value better than a Play Station 3. Please help us and show the developers who want to turn Brooklyn into another skyline of giant buildings that we will not go gently into the shadows of greed and over development.

Yes, the “shadows of greed and over development.” If you want a Brooklyn holiday gift that’s cool and for a cause, buy a Wood painting or photo!

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