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A My Space Love Note to Coney Island

November 28th, 2006 · No Comments

Coney Winter

We found this on a My Space page and thought it was a short, sweet and to the point item about Coney Island. We stopped in Coney this weekend too–something about the weather brought it to mind. That’s one of the pics we shot above. In any case, we’ll let Maya704 and Coney Island Baby do the talking:

Today was a perfect day. Too beautiful to spend it inside so I scrapped my plan to visit PS1 and took the subway to the end of the line instead.

I easily forget that I live by the ocean. Beach bums, the tanned salty blond version, isn’t what comes to mind when I think of NYC.

Coney island in all its seedy, dirty, decrepit grandeur functions as a time capsule of the pre-Giuliani era and couldn’t exist anywhere but here. Today, along with thousands of other ordinary New Yorkers, I slowly strolled (punishable by law anywhere else in the city) the boardwalk pausing here and there to admire the freaks, watch the waves do their thing and enjoy the caress of a perfect late november sun ray.

Sweet Coney island, I wouldn’t trade you for all the Hamptons in the world.


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