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Williamsburg Waterfront Development Primer

June 28th, 2006 · No Comments

2006_06_Williamsburg Map

Gowanus Lounge is the first to admit that we’ve had a devil of a time keeping the Williamsburg waterfront developments straight, even though we pay close attention to what is going on at each site. So, spurred by yesterday’s story about the “groundbreaking” at the site of the Palmer’s Dock development at 164 Kent, we outlined noted the four major projects–184 Kent, Palmer’s Dock/Northside Piers, The Edge and East River State Park–on a map for Curbed. The New York Times story about the mayor groundbreaking (which didn’t break much ground because earthmoving equipment has been on the site since Spring) even managed to say that 164 Kent is in Greenpoint. (Oh well. To the writer, it must all be Brooklyn, which is over there, on the other side of the East River. Must not be a Billburg hipster-type person.)

In any case, the projects are as follows, going from south to north:

1. 184 Kent. This is the Austin & Nichols warehouse of landmarking/unlandmarking fame. It is now clear of residents and on the verge of luxury condo conversion.

2. Palmer’s Dock/Northside Piers. Palmer’s Dock will contain 117 units of affordable housing (of the project total of 900 units). The highrise portion of the project is being developed by Toll Brothers and L&M Equity Participants, one of the Palmer’s Dock developers. All together, three big towers are going up here. (The projects are called Palmer’s Dock and Northside Piers after the original uses of the area. This part of Kent was the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, with dozens of rail spurs going to a half dozen piers.)

3. The Edge. This huge residential and commercial project is being built by Douglaston Development between North Fifth and North Seventh streets. It will include three towers with 1,300 units.

4. East River State Park. Stretching from North Seventh to North Ninth, this park is supposed to open in late July.

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