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Brooklyn Nibbles: “An Ode to the Crappiness That is Flipsters”

December 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Let’s just say that while this thread on Brookynian about the unfortunate Flipsters on Seventh Avenue at the corner of Ninth Street involves more, what caught our attention was glass of Three Buck Chuck for $3.50 at Happy House. WTF? Are they insane? Here is the full rant:

Duffy’s Sis and I decided we needed booze after a long week, and since it was so crappy on last friday evening we didn’t hit our usual spot (the hoff <3 <3) and instead decided to try flipsters. Lets just say- we had to wave down the bartender multiple times to get refills of what I discovered was actually THREE BUCK CHUCK (which, at half price, was $3.50 a GLASS) and then had to wave down the bartender for our check after spending quite a few hours and quite a few dollars on food and booze. I am semi mortified that the only white wine they sell is $3 chuck and they have the balls to not even put it in a carafe or something (AND it's normally $7 a glass!) As a wino who usually hits the hoff for a delish $3 glass, Im kind of appalled that THIS was their happyhour special (and Duffy's burgers were nothing to write home about.) The music also sucked. We might return, but only when it's sleeting. And now we know what we're in for.


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  • 1 dave // Dec 28, 2008 at 11:31 am

    It’s not legal to sell wine you buy from the grocery store in a bar. You have to buy it a liquor distributor.